Summer of TV

Let’s face it,  we are not going to get a good movie summer until 2015. (Guardians of the Galaxy can’t compare to Batman/Superman, Star Wars VII, Avengers 2).  Thank Cheesus for this summer, TV series seem to be taking up the slack.  The final seasons of Dexter and Breaking Bad have me almost forgetting about how disappointing Man of Steel was.

Dexter is bowing out after 8 seasons with a special summer season.   Choosing to end the series with a final season and not waiting till its traditional Fall slot is a definite bright spot in the entertainment dead zone of Midsummer. Plus it is an even numbered season and Dexter’s even numbered seasons (2, 4, 6) usually get nominated for Emmys.     This season will explore the origin of the Code and will decide hopefully decide Dexter’s ultimate fate.  Will Dexter die, Go to Jail, will Deb ever stop whining?  Who knows?  This has been a good series, banking off of a general fascination of serial killers they delivered a good anti hero show that make you sympathize with a psychopath.

This summer also host the last episodes of another must watch series, Breaking Bad.  This show has been done for a while, and like wine it is getting better with age.  If you were like me and got baggered (pun!) into this show, do yourself a favor and give it a watch.  This show gets better as the series ages, and  for TV that doesn’t happen very often(X files).  Plus if Skylar or Marie end up dying, I might have to do long slow clap like I did at the end of The Walking Dead.


It has been quite a delight over the traditional Summer TV lull.  Even True Blood is better this year, which is something I didn’t think was possible.