Summer of TV

Let’s face it,  we are not going to get a good movie summer until 2015. (Guardians of the Galaxy can’t compare to Batman/Superman, Star Wars VII, Avengers 2).  Thank Cheesus for this summer, TV series seem to be taking up the slack.  The final seasons of Dexter and Breaking Bad have me almost forgetting about … more

Observations on “The Matrix”

I recently watched The Matrix all the way through for the first time. Not in a negative way, like I’ve been trying to for a while and I just couldn’t because it was such a shitbox. I just had never gotten around to it. I knew all about the story, but I had never actually … more

Upcoming Video Games Mike is Looking Forward To

Video Games. Video Games are many things: entertainment, escapism, surrogate parents, scape goats for politicians, cheapish babysitters, even art maybe sometimes (?). Since I’m forever locked in battle with my mortal enemy, Helios: The Fiery Sky Orb, playing video games is a part of my considerable media consumption. In truth, I’m much more of a … more

I don’t have 25 cents?

If you had the same condition as the Hulk, I would imagine the everyday frustrations would be cause for a lot of mayhem.  I dont have 25 cents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!